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Mad Father Download

Go back to B3F Passage to find a new path.

It s really cool game, and its free too, developed by game editor maker called wolf rpg, written by a guy called Sen. The story is about Aya a girl

Use the Ladder to get up, then push the movable pot off the edge to break it open and get the Mini Chainsaw.

In the Dead End, place it in the little niche in the rocks to kill ?

Note: You need to check on Maria after the cutscene in the Laboratory twice for an item important to getting the true ending.

Once she's gone, the corridor will no longer loop.

Bait the zombie into the fifth room and pull the pot back as you retreat.

If you haven't read Maria's backstory in her room, you're forced onto another bad ending.

Go west across the Entrance Hall to the 2F West Passage.

Chainsaw it to get back Mom's Perfume.

In the fourth diary room, decapitate the girl with the chainsaw.

Go to the Toilet (bottom-right room from B2F Passage).

Open the taped box with the Cutting Knife to get the Empty Lighter.

Get the Hammer in the area with the mad dog.

Make sure to find out where to use it before the ending.

Use it to open the door in B2F Passage.

Go into the room on the right, smash the barrels, and push the shelf left to find a crack in the wall.

Mad Father Download

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